Teaching Philosophy 

Like many young dancers, I dreamed of a performance career. I trained regularly and diligently, and was determined to turn my passion into my profession. I’ve been fortunate to be able to make that dream a reality, dancing professionally and touring globally for several different modalities of dance. I pursued a number of opportunities including earning a degree in Dance from Arizona State University, interning at Broadway Dance Center, graduating from Edge Performing Arts Center’s scholarship program, and working professionally for a top bi-costal agency. These experiences have provided me with a diverse and unique skillset – and help me relate to dancers at all stages of their training. Pursuing dance in higher education allowed me to gain kinesthetic awareness, creative tools for dance making, and an innovative movement vocabulary. My experience in the commercial industry has provided me with a vast collection of performance opportunities, dance entrepreneurial knowledge, and expertise in assorted movement aesthetics such as hip hop, jazz, tap, musical theater, and a variety of contemporary dance forms.

While I have never lost my love for performing, I was surprised to find that there was something that inspired me even more than performing. Dance education was never part of my initial plan. I first began teaching as a way to earn extra income while attending school. I continued to teach in tandem with dancing professionally and over time developed a strong appreciation for the impact I was able to create through education. Recognizing that my passion for teaching outweighed my love for performance, I made the decision to leave the commercial dance industry to pursue higher education. I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in Dance along with my K-12 teaching certification from Arizona State University. 

I pull from my diverse background to build a pedagogical approach that both honors and challenges traditional dance techniques and learning methodologies. The courses I instruct are designed to help build students topical knowledge while also preparing them to be successful in the professional world. Students in my class are encouraged to think independently, collaborate with their peers, and exercise their problem-solving skills. Exploration, critical thinking, and questioning are always supported and never hampered. I strive to cultivate a climate of mutual trust, encouraging my students to take risks and confidently explore their own movement aesthetic while working towards technical proficiency. I nurture and instill a growth mindset through positive reinforcement, enabling me to connect with my students as individuals as well as demonstrate that kindness is an effective teaching practice for them to take forward in their own path.